Electric Vehicle Initiative

The Clean Car Discount Initiative

As a leading electrical wholesaler, Redpaths knows how important it is to look to the future in terms of sustainability. We are constantly evaluating our own efforts as a business by looking at ourselves and asking how we can do better as a company. 

Carbon emissions are rising and having negative effects on our environment. We should all be striving to uphold New Zealand's "clean and green" reputation by reducing our own carbon footprints. Electric vehicles are a great way to achieve this by offering reduced and zero-emission options to our favourite cars. 

New Zealand is part of a multi-government policy named the Electric Vehicle Initiative which focuses on accelerating the introduction of electric vehicles worldwide.  This group's biggest campaign is the EV30@30 which aims to achieve 30% of on-road vehicles sales converting to electric by 2030.

We were thrilled to hear the government announce that they will now be offering rebates to those who import and register electric vehicles in New Zealand after the 1st of July 2021. These will be available on both new and used cars, as well as hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

 clean car programme overview graph

Graph showing range of rebates above