Good Enough Mindset

"Good Enough" Mindset

Getting back into work after lockdown can be a struggle. We've all had those days at work where we just can't be bothered, we are only human after all. A dreary Monday, or even a Friday when we are eager to start the weekend ahead as early as possible. However, we mustn't fall into the "good enough" mindset. Most of us have been doing our jobs long enough to know the correct way to do things. Following all the necessary processes even when it may seem like they aren't needed. Falling short of this and into the "good enough" mindset can lead to increased exposure to hazards that may result in accidents and injuries.

Many reasons may lead to the "good enough" mindset at work. A few of these reasons may be:

  • Lack of Energy: Work and home life can be demanding at times. Tiredness is a large contributor to falling into the "good enough" min 
  • Complacency: Doing repetitive tasks at work for long periods can lead to a lack of motivation and complacency on the job.
  • Work Culture: The overall culture of a company often sets how much risks are tolerated. If managers and supervisors don't follow the rules, then it is likely that employees won't either.
  • Lack of Training: New and less experienced employees may not know the way to avoid these risks. Every staff member must be appropriately trained to carry out their job safely.

We must try avoiding this "good enough" mindset as much as possible. How exactly can we do this?

  • Always aim for the best. We must fight factors such as complacency and tiredness to meet high expectations at work.
  • Make sure you are up to date on all procedures and why exactly these policies are in place. Being informed can help prevent unnecessary risks from being taken.
  • Seek feedback from those who are experienced and excel at work. Reaching out to others will help you improve your own work.
  • Recognising when you are not feeling your best can go a long way. This will ensure you can take extra measures to prevent yourself and others from mistakes and injuries.

The "good enough" mindset plagues employees in all different aspects of their lives. To combat this we must always aim to reach the full potential of our skillset.