New Micron Control App

Download the new, free Micron Control App from iTunes or Google Play for EC-11 control of arming, disarming and output control of any brand of connected alarm panel.  

Use the App to register for alarm event push notifications from the connected alarm panel to selected smartphones and to access micron's real-time, cloud based event reporting log, anyplace, anytime! 
View the event logs for all registered EC-11 and Meridian customers using a secure login from within the App and connect to EC-11 and Meridian programming via micron's secure MyMeridian cloud server.  

Both EC-11 and Meridian dynamically update any change in their connected router's IP address in their real-time event log to guarantee remote In-App programming connectivity.  

Touch the IP address link in the event log, enter the device username and password and connect.  It's as simple as that.  All you need to ensure is that the router has been port forwarded.  

EC-11 and Meridian's default UPnP function will automatically port forward any connected router should UPnP be enabled in the router.