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Our story

Founded in 1945 by Reg Redpath, Redpaths has established themselves as a leading electrical wholesale supplier.

Forever a family business, Ralph Redpath took over the reins in 1970, developing Redpaths into the company we know today. For over 75 years we've grown into industry professionals with a strong mix of electricians, technicians and specialists, any Redpaths branch boasts in excess of 50 years electrical expertise.

Ralph stepped down from the daily running of the business in 2001, and Tony and Gayle Saunders (Ralph's daughter) started to captain the helm. With Tony as CEO, the business has grown to over 15 branches around the South Island, and employs over 100 staff members.

Redpaths has just entered a new era in 2022 with Brent Cameron, who has been apart of Redpaths for nearly 40 years, being appointed as CEO. We're so excited for this new chapter and seeing how we can grow.


We understands that taking sustainability seriously is a key part of running the business in the day to day, and in the bigger picture. Sustainability is a broad term, so we have created a policy to ensure that all our staff and customers are on the same page when it comes to Redpaths' goals. 

Plastic Free
We no longer package any of our orders in plastic bags, instead offering recycled, reusable, paper bags and crates. Recycled cardboard boxes are also available at our branches which we have repurposed for packaging from our suppliers.

Outlook 365
With the implementation of Outlook 365 over the last few years, we have been able to significantly reduce our paper consumption. By communicating via digital platforms internally we have cut out the bulk of our paper usage within our internal operations.

Electric Fleet
We understand that reducing vehicle carbon emissions is a huge part of decreasing pollution in the atmosphere. Here at Redpaths we have recently added two hybrid vehicles to our fleet, and hope to continue to add more in the future.

We understand that everyone can do better sustainability-wise, and it is a continuous journey not a destination. We are always looking to the future to plan the ways that we can improve.

Our Team

Tony Saunders
Tony Saunders

Chairman of Directors

Having been CEO of Redpaths for 21 years, Tony has decided to step down to spend more time with friends and family. However, he is still an integral part of the business and has moved into the Chairman of Directors role.

Brent Cameron
Brent Cameron


After nearly 40 years at Redpaths Brent Cameron has stepped up into the role of CEO. We're all excited for this new chapter.