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This Privacy Policy discloses R.Redpath Limited information gathering and dissemination practices.

It describes:

  • what information is gathered;
  • how this information is used and stored;
  • who the information will be shared with;
  • how members can opt-out of R.Redpath Limited mailings;
  • how members can modify their personal information held by R.Redpath Limited;

Information about members to R.Redpath Limited, or by participating companies will be collected by R.Redpath Limited. This information will be used by R.Redpath Limited, and its agents, to provide services relating to the R.Redpath Limited program including membership, Summaries, and market research. Information from the database will also be used by R.Redpath Limited for marketing purposes, planning, product development, and research.

Each member consents to the collection and use of their personal and other information in the manner set out above and the disclosure of such information to R.Redpath Limited 'agents for the purposes of operating the R.Redpath Limited membership and associated programs. Information about members may be disclosed to a participating company (or its agent) if:

  • the relevant member consents in writing;
  • R.Redpath Limited considers on reasonable grounds that disclosure is necessary to enable the recording or monitoring in relation to transactions of those members;
  • the member is a prize winner in a competition or promotion run by or on behalf of that participating company and the information is disclosed for the sole purpose of enabling notification of the prize winner and/or making arrangements for receipt of the prize;
  • R.Redpath Limited considers on reasonable grounds that the member may have been involved in fraudulent activities in relation to that participating company.

Information about members will not be provided by R.Redpath Limited to any person except as provided in this Privacy Policy or by the Privacy Act 1993.

Members have the right to opt-out of mailings other than their Point Summary, by writing to the R.Redpath Limited PO Box 22-158, Christchurch 8142.

Members may, under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, request access to and correction of their personal information held by R.Redpath Limited. These requests must be in writing. A fee may be charged for the reasonable costs incurred in responding to these requests. Any such fee will be disclosed to the member it is incurred.

Important email security notice: Avoiding scam or spoof emails

R.Redpath Limited is dedicated to keeping your member details safe and secure from scams and fraud. Please note that R.Redpath Limited will never send you an email asking you to disclose your Member Number or any other personal details. Be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for such personal information as there is a high chance such communications are fraudulent. A legitimate email from R.Redpath Limited will always contain some of your personal details such as your first name, or your Member Number. If you are ever in any doubt about the authenticity of any communications that are or seem to be from R.Redpath Limited please immediately email us at and include a copy of the email in question.